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Get gardeners St Kilda to carry out the landscape gardening St Kilda at your place and this can be achieved with the help of Earth Banks, the landscape specialists.

We have been offering full-fledged landscaping services to our clients’, both commercial and residential for 20 years and over and our areas of expertise like our quality, background, reputation, our inventive ideas in landscape design and gardening, and our deep knowhow of plants, flowers and landscaping materials and devising design strategies that suit the premise and the area, are all combined to offer clients’ a differential experience when it comes to hiring our landscapers St Kilda to transform the space around your home or office.

Want to know what primarily constitutes our gardening St Kilda and landscaping activities?

They include:                                                      

  • As part of any landscaping activity, our landscaper St Kilda, starts with the landscape construction which include decking, irrigation, paving, setting up retaining walls, fixing garden lighting, improving the soil and setting up the drainage for water movement, and adding little ponds and water features in the garden area.
  • Our landscapers are specialists in devising and designing your garden space, specific plant selection and its care is carried out by our gardener.
  • Additionally, our landscaper is in charge of the rockwork and soil contouring and as part of the gardening, our gardeners set up the raised vegetable garden beds and edible gardens.

And if you are looking at the ultimate landscape St Kilda, it is Earth Banks all the way!

We have a close-knit team of experienced, talented and friendly staff members who carry out the different landscaping and gardening projects that we have taken on.

Additionally, regular upkeep and maintenance of your garden too is carried out by us. And in the event of any landscaping activity or project undertaken by us, as part of the job, we have established a good network with experts from related trades like arborists, tree loppers, electricians, plumbers and more, as their services too would be required.

You can reach out to the St Kilda gardener of Earth Banks at anytime for that dream landscape you want carried out at your place. Speak to us on 0412 363 678.

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